Decision Making and Management Effectiveness


Address student eligibility, justification for a least restrictive environment, and special accommodations.” 272

1. Decision Making and Management Effectiveness

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Why do you think decision making is considered a fundamental part of management effectiveness?

2. How to Compensate for Relative Lack of Experience

As a new, entry-level manager, how important is it for you to find ways to compensate for your relative lack of experience when trying to determine which alternative before you is most likely to succeed? What are some ways you can meet this challenge?

3. Using Social-Networking Sites to Help Market Your Products

If you were a manager in charge of new product marketing, what are some ways you might harness the power of blogs and social-networking sites to help market your latest products?

Managing Human Resources and Diversity
Answer the following questions:
1. Considering a Candidate’s Social Networking Sites in an Interview

Is it wise for managers to consider a candidate’s MySpace or Facebook postings as grounds for rejection before even interviewing a promising candidate? Is it fair? Discuss.

2. Maintaining an Effective Workforce with Exit Interviews

What purpose do exit interviews serve for maintaining an effective workforce?

3. is the Glass Ceiling?



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