Demonstrate that the relevant databases in medicine, nursing and social sciences etc. have been thoroughly reviewed

Evidence Based Nursing Research
An Evaluation study on the effectiveness of an alternating pressure air mattress for the prevention of pressure ulcers among elderly
First: Please follow the guideline to write literature review only
the literature review need to based on 5-6 research articles
These articles need to hand out, so need to give the full text with the literature review

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Evidence Based Nursing Research

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Higher Diploma in Nursing
(An Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse Conversion Programme) – Year 3
NUHS4024 / HS 34-137-37 (61)
Evidence Based Nursing Research
The module of Nursing Research aims to give students an overview of the research process
including research methods and ethical concerns. Nurses are nowadays required to equip
themselves with adequate knowledge on research methodology and skills in conducting nursing
Upon the completion of the module, students are required to submit a literature review, present
individual proposal in class and submit the related written proposal. Students have to observe the
guidelines and deadlines set for each of these in-course assessments.
Students found plagiarising will be heavily disciplined. Acknowledgement is essential in both
oral presentation and written assignment.
I. In-course assessment:
1) Literature Review: (50%)
Minimum number of research papers reviewed: Three
Maximum number of words: 1,500 words
Date of submission: 18 August 2017 (Fri)
2) Individual Presentation: (10%)
Maximum time allowed: 15-20 minutes
Date: 22 September 2017 (Fri) and 29 September 2017 (Fri)
3) The Written Proposal: (40%)
Length of words: Not more than 3,500 words
Date of submission: 6 October 2017 (Fri)
Evidence Based Nursing Research
II. Components of and guideline for the written proposal
1. Topic Title: Not more than 25 words
2. Introduction:
2.1 Background introduction of the research problem
2.2 Aim and objectives of the study
2.3 Hypotheses to be tested (if any)
2.4 Significance of the study
3. Literature Review:
3.1 Inclusion of adequate and relevant literature (not less than ten)
3.2 Inclusion of relevant literature (submitted in August)
3.3 Inclusion of both international and local relevant journal articles
3.4 Inclusion of all references cited in Section 6: Reference List
3.5 Preparation for the hard copies of the literature reviewed (to be submitted upon request)
3.6 Guidelines for the review:
3.6.1 Demonstrate that the relevant databases in medicine, nursing and social sciences
etc. have been thoroughly reviewed
3.6.2 Demonstrate that the international and local studies have been comprehensively
3.6.3 Demonstrate the understanding of all the literature reviewed, such as purpose of
the study, use of research method, target population, findings and
3.6.4 Demonstrate the relevancy of literature reviewed to the research topic chosen
4. Research Methods:
4.1 Study design
4.2 Sampling and sample size
4.3 Proposed measurement tools/ Questionnaire
4.4 Pilot study: How and why it needs to be done prior to data collection
4.5 Date collection procedure
Data processing and analysis to include use of statistic tests
4.6 Data management
4.7 Ethical considerations
5. Discussion:
5.1 Expected outcomes
5.2 Limitations of the study
5.3 Conclusion
6. Time frame for the proposed study including submission of the proposal to ethical
7. Proposed Budget: provide a budget plan
8. Reference list:
8.1 Minimum number of three relevant papers
Evidence Based Nursing Research
8.2 All references should be cited according to APA style
9. Appendix
9.1 Information Sheet
9.2 Consent form
9.3 Application to HA ethical committee