Describe the evidence that supports your claim that the problem exists.


This assignment is designed to enable you to conduct a review of the academic literature into Lean Management and to apply it in an Operational setting, in an organisation of your choice.

You might already be working for, or have worked for, the organisation you choose. If neither of these apply you could use the experience of a friend or relative or a case-study agreed with the tutor.

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Within a report format answer the following questions:

Describe the organisation in the following format:-
The main products and services they provide.
Who are their main customers?
What are the order qualifiers for the company?
What are the order winners for the company?
(10% of word count)

From the organisation chosen, identify and describe a problem that currently exists.

Describe the evidence that supports your claim that the problem exists.
(10% of word count)

Explain how it is potentially harming the company
(10% of word count)

Prepare a review of the literature in Lean management. Describe the concepts, applications and frameworks available in general business, and appropriate for an organisation similar to the type you have chosen.
Discuss the authors, their views on the subject and their frameworks.

Describe the operational benefits would you expect to see from introducing the concepts within Lean Management into your chosen organisation.

Describe the ways you feel the Topic might develop during the coming 5 years.

Use at least 8 journal articles no older than 10 years.

(50% word count)

From the conclusions drawn from your literature review, and your knowledge of the organisation, create a Project Plan for the changes you would like to see introduced to solve the selected problem.
Leadership to Improve Quality in Diverse Situations (graded)

Nurses demonstrate leadership in many situations. For this discussion, identify only one situation from the choices below that you have not previously experienced, and tell us how the nurse could improve quality through demonstrating leadership.

Communicating with legislators to influence health policy:
One way to influence health policy change is to implement a buddy system to check on IV catheters. In Cardiovascular units it is crucial to change IV catheters every 72 hours.
Clinical leadership at the bedside
Nursing management of units or facilities
Impact of systems-based practice on leadership