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Topic/questions: What is personal vision? Why is it so important? How can a Christian Life Coach help a client develop a vision? If a client’s vision fades, what are ways to reinvigorate that vision?   250 words  with bible scripture and book reference

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Katina B – Personal Vision

Personal visions are so important to what a person plans to incorporate and achieve.  Without personal visions, it’s like having a goal with no mission or action plan.  A vision is valuable whenever we really want to move forward in our personal development.  A vision is like a map, clients can use it successfully if they have enough time and energy.  It is important that the action plan is suitable for vision creation. Creating a personal vision can easily done when you have the necessary information and ideas.   The coach can help the client to write them down.  The best way to do it is to create a concept reflecting the client’s spontaneous vision regularly and add more detail as the process continues.  The vision is meant to be stable, which means revisiting it regularly rather than replacing it with a new one.  Webb makes a good point when he states our thinking is like a road we travel on.  We explore, reflect, act, and adjust our actions, all along our line of thinking (2019).  Biblical visions differ from worldly vision.  God is under no obligation to make people’s dreams come true (Blackaby & Royall, 2018).  Once coaches embrace God’s call, their life proceeds with purpose and cohesion.  Clients with out vision lack direction.  The client’s life merely becomes a series of opportunities, emergencies, and the empty pursuit of pleasure.   Ways to reinvigorate that vision would be to brainstorm ideas with the client to see what’s important to them and how they can stay focus on the direction that is important to them.  


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Laken H – Personal Vision

Personal vision is an essential skill for a life coach. Life coaches must yield their vision to the Lord’s vision. Personal vision can change culture and perspective. Martin Luther King Jr. and Orville Wright each had a vision that led them to creating monumental change within society (Blackaby & Royall, 2018). Personal vision encompasses a divinely inspired idea and the use of skills to convert an idea into a revolution (Blackaby & Royall, 2018).  Personal vision enables an individual to live a life that is set on the heart, mind, and plans of God. Life coaches must be connected with Christ to best help their clients live out the plan that the Lord has placed on their life.

The Lord provides vision to utilize His people for biblical change instead of worldly change (Blackaby & Royall, 2018). A person can be guided by the Holy Spirit in a process of teaching, reminding, and motivation (Viljoen & Lotter, 2018) . A Christian life coach can help the client develop personal vision by first being in prayer (Blackaby & Royall, 2018). The life coach should be in prayer for themselves and the client to ensure clarity. Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit will help us in our weakness and intercede when we do not know how to pray (King James Version, 1769/2017, Rom. 8:26-27). Life coaches can utilize observation and insightful questions to help the client develop their own vision (Blackaby & Royall, 2018). If a client’s vision fades, a life coach can use refocusing questions and help the client eliminate mental blocks (Blackaby & Royall, 2018). The life coach should help the client evaluate the ways the Lord has guided them in the past to cultivate ideas (Blackaby & Royall, 2018). The life coach should then use questioning to understand how the Lord has helped the client in the past to motivate and inspire (Blackaby & Royall, 2018). These tools can help inspire the client to develop personal vision.


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