Eating habits from Mediterranean cuisine to a typical American diet


Compare the eating habits from Mediterranean cuisine to a typical American diet and identify how the cultural differences have an effect on food intake and healthfulness.

Describe in some detail the types of food products or combination dishes that are most frequently consumed as part of the cuisine.
Include any cultural influences that affect the have an affect on food habits. (This could include facts about how the food is served or how dining habits can influence food consumption.) (Cite references)
Include a recipe that is typical of food served in the cuisine you select (Mediterranean) and explain why it is typical of the cuisine or dietary patterns. (Cite reference)
Explain any health benefits that are associated with the cuisine. Within this section, compare Mediterranean cuisine to a typical American diet, identifying how cultural differences might affect food intake habits and healthfulness. Include documentation from at least two scientific articles that support health claims. [These are scholarly articles or scientific research reports. At least one paper needs to be a peer-reviewed research article, which is one that is reviewed by a committee of professionals in the field and revised by the investigator/author before publishing in a scholarly journal such as New England Journal of Medicine or Science, and many more. You can find peer-reviewed articles on the library database ( or through PubMed. When you use pub med be sure to cite the journal in your reference. MLA style for citations.
Compare the Mediterranean diet/Cuisine selected to a typical US diet — this should be brief, but include at least two or three examples of foods regularly consumed that are less consumed in the US.
This link will be one of the three sources used:

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