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Find an article and relate it to the ecology lab, particularly the pollution experiments. Discuss the
temperature / dissolved oxygen experiment, the relevance of all the components of the experiment, the article,
and the relevance of the article to the temperature / dissolved oxygen experiment.
This will be done in three stages as noted below. I will comment on each paper that is submitted and it will be
returned to you. Those corrections should be remedied on the next paper that is then submitted. The second
and the final draft will be graded reflecting the corrections made, in addition to content and cohesiveness.
The paper should be college level work, where a household member would be able to understand what you are
discussing. It should include an Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and a Works Cited / Bibliography page. It
should be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced, and size 12 font (Times New Roman). The spelling and
grammar should be checked. It should in your own words, and citations used where needed (plagiarizing will
get you a ZERO)!



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