Emotions as strategies


– Emotions as strategies on page 10. This is the place where things will get really interesting for your promise of a next section on Sartre. Does Sartre account for this kind of strategic emotions?
– Are all strategic emotions conscious, intentional, rational, or are some just kind of instinctive or automatic? Does that have an important implication for acting and choosing authentically?
1. Explain and analyze central issues, topics, and philosophers in the history of philosophy, from the ancient to the modern periods.
2. Write and speak critically and logically, applying various theories to specific cases and examples.
3. Explain their own value system, evaluating their values in the context of a diverse range of ideas that inform contemporary controversies and social conflict.
4. Create independent philosophical research, synthesizing a variety of sources, including traditional primary philosophical texts and secondary source commentaries.
5. Demonstrate a working familiarity with current research methods, citation styles, and presentation techniques.


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