ENGL 100 University Level Strategies

Steps: Read Patricia Allen and Carolyn Sachs’ “Women and Food Chains: The Gendered Politics of Food” and Caroline Bagelman’s “Unsettling Food Security: The Role of Young People in Indigenous Food System Revitalization” • Ask yourself: what do these articles share in common? What topics overlap? Do they have similar concerns? • Make a rough chart on your notebook and identify key themes from each text. List them in the chart. • Find two themes that the articles share in common and use these to structure the body paragraphs of your synthesis essay. Now that you know the main topic and the relevant themes, decide where you stand on the topic. What essay did you find most interesting? Why? What else would you like to know about this topic? What questions do you have about this topic? Why is it important? • Your answers to these questions will help you to form your thesis, which is an argument about why this topic is important and what needs to be further investigated