Entrepreneurship strategy activity 2 assignment

Answer the questions by clearly articulating your ideas. Excellent answers should be: Clear, original and thoughtful insight, well-reasoned arguments supported by specific, focused and relevant to topic, concrete, with appropriate details.

The answer to each question should be minimum 1 page and maximum 3 pages long, double spaced in a 12-point, Times New Roman or comparable serif font.

After watching the video titled “The Call of the Entrepreneur”:

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Identify the main points that you have found interesting. Briefly describe each one of the main points. Do you agree or disagree with the point being made on the video? Explain how the video expounds a clear and attractive argument on the possibility and importance of the entrepreneur spirit for the strengthening of social interaction in terms of economic and civic framework ? What do you think is the most important message that is being communicated to you through this video discussion?

Chapter 7

There are many software packages that aim to help entrepreneurs write a business plan. Research the Internet and select three of these software packages. What is different about

them? How are they similar? How can they assist an entrepreneur in the preparation of his final business plan? Also read: Corporate entrepreneurship

Chapter 8

What are the five most effective social media marketing strategies? Why are they effective? What are the three least effective social media marketing strategies? Why are they ineffective?

Chapter 9

Why would entrepreneurs open themselves up to personal financial losses by using a proprietorship rather than a company?

Chapter 10

Go online and identify some of the new web-based financial software packages. How are they different? What advantages do Quickbooks (which seems to be the most popular) have over

these web-based services?

Chapter 13

Are you a time waster or a time saver? What time management techniques do you use? How can you better manage your time?