Essay Analysis




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1-What is the main assertion/argument of the text so far? Or…what’s the plot or premise?

2-How is the text/video/etc formatted? Describe the logical structure and flow that the author has presented thus far.

3-What method(s) of research has the author employed to make their assertions? You might have to do secondary research to properly answer this question

4-What are two to four quotes or moments that *especially* stand out to you in the text so far? Elaborate why these quotes or moments stand out to you.

5-What is one question you’d like to ask the author or someone else who read the text? What’s something you would have to summarize or describe for someone who hasn’t engaged with your material?

6- How does the text connect to the other readings of this week? How does it connect to other readings in the course, or other things you’ve experienced and read?




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