Ethical analysis essay

After completing the course readings and viewing the course presentations for Module/Week 1, you will write a
1,000–1250-word paper evaluating the Christian’s role in ethical research. This assignment must be formatted
in current Turabian style and include a title page, sectional headings, and a bibliography. It must also utilize 3–
5 sources. The 3–5 sources must include course materials (textbooks and presentations), Scripture, and at
least 1 scholarly source. Incorporate biblical precedent to support your conclusions. You must frame your
discussion of ethical research obligations within the context of public policy research and how ethical
guidelines can undergird your future vocation as a public policy analyst and/or researcher.
Use the following concepts to guide you as you analyze the ethical responsibilities in research:
• What are some general ethical concerns that must be considered when conducting research?
• Does the Christian have a greater ethical role than secular counterparts?
• What is the Christian’s ethical foundation in life?
• How does this ethical foundation for the Christian impact his or her research and vocational action?
• What does Scripture have to say about ethics and the Christian’s responsibility to act ethically?
• What lessons can be extrapolated from Module/Week 1 for application in the public policy researcher’s


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