Ethical issue in healthcare.

Expectation: Writing must command a clear and complete understanding of the subject. Exhibits extensive higher-level thinking skills. Use multiple relevant resources/literature to support your writing and claims. You must pay attention to correct spelling and grammar.

Due date: June 9, 2020

TOPIC: Bioethics in Nursing

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Review the following link:

Review the above resources /links to assist you with the case study below:
Also use other research literature reviews to support your point

A 28-year-old male is admitted with bacterial endocarditis and needs a replacement of his prosthetic heart valve. After his first replacement, he continued to abuse intravenous drugs. The medical team feels it would be “futile” and a waste of medical resources to replace this heart valve yet again.
Is the team’s judgment appropriate in this case? What if the team had an available research study about valve replacement, would it be ethical to include this patient as a subject?

The paper must be done in APA format (6th edition), so in-text citations, as well as a cover sheet and reference list of mainly primary sources, are mandatory inclusions.

Work must be original (No plagiarism). All references must be cited (APA Style citation and references) with a reference page. References will be checked



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