Examples of counter forensic techniques


1. Select a crime for your gedanken experiment
What is the crime?
Where did it happen?
Who perpetrated the crime?
Who was the victim?
What time did it happen?
2. Carefully consider how the perpetrator/s would attempt to mislead investigators
How can they hide, destroy, or plant evidence?
Is the counter forensic technique reasonable? (No one can use a genii to hide blood evidence….yet.)
3. Select 5 examples of counter forensic techniques
For each of these examples, consider what evidence we could still detect
Perhaps the counter forensic technique created a new piece of evidence unintentionally
4. Research each of your counter forensic/forensic pairs
Would we still be able to recover evidence in spite of the counter forensics?
Have any research studies been done on this possibility?
5. Share the findings of your gedanken experiment
Briefly describe the circumstances surrounding your selected crime

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