Explain and evaluate a deleterious material related to the office or commercial building 250 words plus sketches or images.


The portfolio is designed to extend your knowledge of the built environment in an urban context to include aspects of historic construction technology, sustainable ideals and deleterious materials.

The three buildings chosen by you can be from anywhere within NORTH and WEST LONDON; as shown on the map provided in your work. Each property will have significantly different design, form, method of construction and materials in relation to all external elements, with particular reference but not limited to; roofs, walls, window and door frames etc.

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A framed office/commercial building (not retail above the ground floor) built between 1930 and 1970 which is known to/suspected of, containing asbestos materials

A single residential dwelling house built after 1990. Which exhibits at least one element of sustainable design for micro generation of heat or power, or have solar shading

A traditional Victorian (pre 1900) residential building that has a range of identifiable defects or, if recently refurbished, may in the future incur a range of defects

You are to produce a portfolio of maps, photographs, sketches, diagrams of the exterior of the building and a written appraisal. You will;-

1. Prove through research the building meets the criteria set out above with regard to the correct aging of the properties above and present the evidence to support your assertions

2. Include an ordnance survey map clearly identifying the chosen building showing the area surrounding the building all at a suitable scale, the full address and postcode

3. Photograph clearly showing each of the visible elevations and identify specific aspects of the construction and key visible components and services of the building. Additional close up photographs of key elements will be provided, details, defects etc. Each photograph must be titled and cross-referenced within your appraisal

4. Evaluate the framed office and residential dwelling house in terms of identification, descriptions and functions of all elements, their construction methods and materials using terms appropriate to construction technology

5. Explain and evaluate a deleterious material related to the office/commercial building 250 words plus sketches/images.

6. Explain and evaluate the benefit of modern construction technology using as comparison the contrasting traditional Victorian building of 250 words plus sketches/images

7. You will identify, explain and evaluate a range of seen (or future defects) in each building 250 words plus sketches/images

8. You will explain and evaluate sustainable technology used within the residential dwelling to generate energy/limit overheating in 250 words plus sketches and images.

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