Explain the most effective strategic approach for each scenario

The responsibilities of an HR director for a manufacturing company address all elements of employee well-being, which include compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and include employee benefits and relations.
Identify the problem in each of these scenarios. Detail different strategies on how to approach each scenario, decide on an approach, and describe how that approach would be most effective.
An employee of 25 years received cancer treatment and was hospitalized for 2 months. He or she is now asking for additional money to help pay medical bills.
Accidents have been occurring in a department of 10 employees under a new supervisor. With the change in management, employees who worked for the company for more than 4 years complain that the new supervisor frequently micromanages, whereas the supervisor complains that the employees do not respect him because he is new and younger than his subordinates. Aside from the accidents, the supervisor thinks the team performance is below average.
A high-performing employee just had a baby and returned to work 3 weeks later. Since then, her performance has been low, but it is assumed she would be back to normal after a couple months. After 6 months, her performance level is below average, and her appearance has been messy. When coworkers talk to her, they say her attitude is depressing and she does not want to engage in conversations.
Write the approach to each of the scenarios in no more than 1,200 words. Each scenario and assignment requirements below should be labeled with appropriate headings.ach scenario should present the following:
1. applicable employee well-being programs
2. identify workplace behavior, issues, and practices
3. Evaluate different strategies for employee relations applicable to each scenario
4. Explain the most effective strategic approach for each scenario