Explain the significance of small-group dynamics and team building

This week the study of nursing history and nursing theories (conceptual models) will be our focus. The units objectives are: Use the strengths discussed in week 1 to motivate you.
Describe how historical events and selected nursing leaders have shaped the practice of nursing.
Relate the relevance of a selected nursing conceptual model to current and future practice.
Explain the significance of small-group dynamics and team building.
Describe the components of the American Nurses Associations definition of nursing.
You have two discussions posts and a Paper due this week. Discussion 1 on nursing history is due Wednesday Discussion 2 on the Nursing Metaparadigm is due Friday. Attached is a Graphic of The Nursing Paradigm that may be helpful in understanding the concept of the metaparadigm and its four concepts. Also see: Metaparadigm Concepts .
This is a broad concept.Think of the Nursing Metaparadigm as a recipe card or a tool to create theory/ philosophy; it is meaningless unless a theorist or nurse defines each of the four concepts. A very important point to remember since your group project revolves on understanding the concept. Definition of the concepts gives the tool meaning.
Be sure to read the lessons text book assignments and view the E resources BEFORE posting your discussions. Your discussion posts and responses should be scholarly and make clear that you have completed the assigned reading. Paraphrase and summarize findings from course readings to support your answers and in replies to peers posts. Do not underestimate the value of your text book as a reference.
Your first Paper is due on Sunday. Here are some hints for success.
1.Use the course materials provided and GCU library or data base as your sources. These are scholarly sources and will better suit your needs then a google search of the topic.
2.See the APA help files in course in Resources> add ons for help with how to format your reference list and your references and how to complete an in text citation.
3.View and if you choose use the APA formatted template for your paper it will give you direction in formatting organization and content.