Facilitating change in health and social care


You have been commissioned to write a report to be presented to the CEO of a newly formed
organisation XYZ Care Services Ltd that is in the process of building a series of Care Homes
across the UK.
It is also developing a range of other care services for the elderly to include the following:
– Advocacy and Support (advocacy and emotional support)
– Care (intermediate/after care, live-in care, mental health care, nursing care at home, relief
care, respite care)
– Home help (domestic help, meals delivery, pets)
– Dementia (day centres, dementia advocacy and care, dementia cafes, advice and
counselling, support for carers)
– Home maintenance (adaptations, handy person/odd jobs, home improvement agencies,
major repairs, safety and security, directories/trustworthy trades people)
– Independent living (health and well-being, eye services, hearing services, foot/nail
services, hairdresser, community alarms, internet and computer support).
The CEO is aware of some of the main challenges that exist as well as some of the changes
that have impacted upon the provision of health care services in the UK. The CEO is keen to
obtain as much information as possible before completion of the main priorities and
programmes that are being developed and which will be rolled out over a 5-year period.
The intention is to provide a service that can sustain itself and withstand the challenges that
exist within the external environment. As such, the CEO insists that the report provides a
comprehensive overview of the changes that have currently shaped the provision of health and
social care and the challenges and risks that have arisen. The report should begin with an
executive summary so as to provide the panel with a clear idea and early warning of what you
believe are the most important issues.


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