Families with special needs.


For each of the following five scenarios, find public health, health, and/or social services as appropriate that are available for you in San Diego County. You must find at least two sources of services for each of the five scenarios. For each of the five scenarios, please include the following: a) the names of the appropriate agencies or organizations that can provide you with help or assistance; b) the agency/organizations’ mission statement; c) what population does this agency/organization serve (e.g. adults, children); d) provide a website (URL) where a person can get more information for each agency/organization you cite; and e) a list of specific services this agency/organization provides You may submit this exercise in a bullet format.

1) You are having trouble feeding your family week-to-week and need to find additional food sources.

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2) You believe that a significant water pipe on public property has broken and flooding will occur soon in your area.

3) A neighbor is putting up a large shed in his/her back yard but you do not think it is properly permitted and will cause a safety hazard if not properly built.

4) You have a child who is partially blind and you need assistance finding special resources including schooling options. 5) You believe you were recently exposed to a person with tuberculosis and need information on what to do to follow up on the situation.

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