Field Observation Analysis




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Observe the interactions between the teacher and the students, and the interactions between the students, during classroom activities, such as instruction and free time. The field observation guidelines provide a structure for your observations. In a narrative report, summarize your classroom observation experience in terms of the explicit and implicit curriculum. Examine the evidence from your field notes and identify the societal, historical and philosophical influences on what you see enacted in the classroom. What role does the teacher play? In what ways do systemic forces (social, cultural, political, historical, economic) affect teaching? How are students engaged? What are the power structures? Is the class a microcosm of the larger society? Cite references to support your thinking. 3-4 pages. Observe teachers and classes using YouTube.

I’ve provided you with some links to get you started. Please feel free to utilize any other classroom observations of elementary classrooms you might find.

Elementary Math Classroom
Teacher observation of Ms. Ainge
Classroom Observation Part 1

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