Film Analysis

Select, view, and analyze two films in a similar genre, style, or form; with a similar theme, or with the same director – one chosen from an earlier
decade and a more contemporary film (at least 3 decades separating the films – exceptions possible with instructor approval). Compare and contrast
the two films in terms of how the socio-political culture of the time influenced each film, technical elements (cinematography, lighting, editing, mise en
scene, color usage, etc.) and content (theme, acting, myths perpetuated, etc.) 4. Complete an analysis form for each film. Access a blank template by
clicking, “Course Documents.” Scroll to find, “Film Analysis Sheet – Template.” – analysis sheets do NOT count toward paper length. 5. Compose a
1800-2500 words typed report (see note re. plagiarism below). The paper should read like a smooth, unified document written by a single person,
even though two or more people worked on it.
The two films are To Kill a Mockingbird and A time to Kill

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