film Crash (2004)

Write a 4-5 page analytical essay in response to the film Crash (2004). Your essay should be double-spaced and use
Times New Roman font in size 12.
Due Date:
Objective: Throughout our Introduction to Literature course, you have practiced analyzing, interpreting, and
responding to different literary works. One of the course objectives for English 102 is for you to learn to apply your
analytical and interpretive skills not just to literature, but also to other mediums and disciplines. As such, for your final
project, I will ask you to apply the skills you have used to study and write about literature throughout this course to a
new medium by writing about film.
Getting Started:
Below are some step-by-step instructions for getting started on your final essay. Please read each step carefully in
order to fully understand what is expected of you for this assignment.
1) Watch the film Crash using this link: click. Approach this task the same way you would approach the task of
completing a reading assignment: watch the film with a pen and paper in hand; takes notes as you are watching; and
pay attention to important details such as the names of characters, the setting of the film, and key events that occur.
You can also keep a list of some of the conflicts between characters as well as any major themes the film seems to
2) Complete Posts #19 and #20 in response to the film. By responding to the discussion questions I will post in these
forums, you will be able to further expand upon some of your ideas and observations about the film. You should also
read your classmates’ responses to help broaden your perspectives about the film and pick up on any details you
may have missed.
3) Choose an essay topic for your final paper. Drawing upon your notes as well as your posts in forums #19 and #20,
choose a topic that you would like to focus on in your essay (I am also available to assist you with this). It may make
sense for you to expand upon one of the discussion questions you answered for your posts; or, you may have come
up with a new idea that you want to explore. Any topic that interests you is acceptable as long as it focuses on the
film (no outside sources should be used for this assignment).
4) Re-watch the film and choose quotations related to your essay topic. Even though you are writing on a film, your
final essay should still follow the same format as your first two essays: it should have a thesis statement introducing
your topic in the introductory paragraph, and quotations in each body paragraph to help demonstrate and support
that thesis. In order to select quotations from the film to support your analysis, you will need to re-watch the film after
you have chosen an essay topic, taking the time to choose those quotations that best support your thesis. In order to
be sure you transcribe the quotations accurately, you may need to pause and rewind certain scenes several times
while you write down the lines you are quoting (closed captioning can be helpful with this). For the purpose of this
assignment, you will not need any in-text citations following your quotations—just be sure to take the time to quote
the lines from the film accurately, word for word as they are stated.
5) Begin your essay draft. After you have completed steps 1-4, you should have the material you need to get started
on a draft of your essay. Approach the assignment the same way you approached essays #1 and #2: state your topic
and thesis in your introduction, expand upon and prove that thesis in the body paragraphs, and incorporate the
quotations you selected from the film into those body paragraphs to further support the points you are making. I am,
of course, available to discuss your essay draft with you at any stage throughout the writing process.


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