Final exam | History homework help


Identify the following eight terms. Identifications should include explaining the significance of each term in light of its impact on American history. Where applicable, specific people, dates, and events should be mentioned. Identifications should incorporate material from the textbook, lessons, lecture notes, and discussions. Be sure to think critically and to write answers using complete sentences. These identifications should be between 100-150 words in length. 

• The War of 1812

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• Monroe Doctrine

• Missouri Compromise

• American Colonization Society

• The Compromise of 1850

• The Emancipation Proclamation

• The Freedmen’s Bureau

• The Compromise of 1877

Choose one [1] essay. These short essays should be between 200-300 words in length :

• In what ways did Manifest Destiny provide opportunity but also sow the seeds of the Civil War?

• The two main goals of Reconstruction were to bring the former Confederate states back into the Union and to ensure the equal citizenship and rights of the former slaves. Why was the first goal more successfully achieved than the second?