FINAL PAPER CONTENT GUIDELINESPlease read and follow the directions in the cour

Please read and follow the directions in the course syllabus carefully (i.e. Must be written in and cited per APA style and requirements). These instructions are to identify some specific content ideas and how to format your paper. It is your responsibility to review and refer to this information as you develop your paper. Please be sure you clearly understand this information before you write your paper.
It must be written in APA format using an APA style header for each section and APA style references and reference page. A formal “abstract” is not required but a “title” and title page are required. Please do not use “Formal Paper” as the title of your assignment.
This assignment is where students demonstrate the ability to consider and integrate the major course content areas (Interpersonal, Interviewing, & Interaction skills). Students should select a Human Services setting (school system, community clinic, non-profit counseling center, day program for adults with a disability, etc.) of interest to them, a minimum of two (2) different corresponding “client” population(s) that would be encountered there (i.e. families, couples, adolescents, children), and write the paper using these selected interest areas.
Using the above, students should discuss the major environmental (i.e. culture, family, socio- economic level) and personal contexts/social categories (e.g. gender, sexual orientation, ability/ disability, trauma victim) of clients that would be relevant to the specific chosen professional (teacher, nurse, social worker, therapist), as the client and professional interact in the Human Services setting. Be sure to address the impact of the professional’s personal context issues as well (biases, potential pitfall areas, etc.).
This is a critical thinking assignment focused at the integration of text and instructor presented information. It is not simply a collection of quoted references and instructional material written into a document but requires students to actively and creatively demonstrate an understanding of the concepts by providing both application and examples of “how” the concepts would need to be considered in the Human Services setting of the student’s choice. Remember early in your paper to identify the Human Services setting and state the specific client population(s) you are writing about and the professional that is interacting with them.
Below are some examples for your paper and would form the content of your paper. The topics listed below are not the only possible choices and it is your decision on what to include and how to write your paper.
SETTING Community Clinic
Counseling Ctr.
Public High School
Low Income Individuals Seniors
Couples & Families
Professional Nurse
Sample Contexts Cultural Issues Language Barriers Aging & Disease
Multi-cultural Family Socio-economic level Domestic Violence
“Upper” Class SES Parents
Gang Involvement Adolescent Diagnosed
with Autism
For Grading and scoring purposes, the 10 pts. possible for this assignment are converted to a 100 pt. score based on the 5 categories below (20 pts each) and then reconverted back to the 10 pts. scale for the final grade.*
1) APA Format: 20 Points Possible
a. APA Quotations,
b. APA Title & Reference Page,
c. Headings, Sub-Headings, etc.
2) Grammar, Sentence structure, Spelling, etc.: 20 Points Possible
a. Logical sentence construction
b. Correct spelling and punctuation
c. Was it readable without correction?
3) Conciseness: 20 Points Possible
a. Was it clear and to the point?
b. Good paragraph breaks
c. Do the topics wander within paragraphs?
d. many unnecessary or unexplained citations, etc.
4) Organization: 20 Points Possible
a. Were the central topics & headings relevant?
b. Did the paper flow from one section to the next & throughout the paper?
c. Was the flow of topics and ideas logical?
5) Content: 20 Points Possible
a. Was the purpose of the paper met (Integrate course content with examples)?
b. Are the required Citations present?
c. Were the citations integrated with relevant examples or just quoted,
d. Did the point of the paper come through the content?