Fixing teen Suicide




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Paragraph 1: Summary. Using a minimum of three to five sentences, briefly summarize the
main points of the source: the topics it covers, the main arguments, and the thesis statement/main
point of the book or article.
Paragraph 2: Evaluate the quality of the source using a minimum of five sentences. Evaluate the
author’s credentials, the reliability and accuracy of the source, whether the source is scholarly in
nature, whether the source is objective or biased, and the overall quality of the source.
Paragraph 3: Reflect on how you might use it in your paper, using a minimum of three to five
sentences. Your reflection should inform readers of its relevance to your research, whether the
source is helpful to your argument, how the source has changed your thinking about the topic,
comparing/contrasting this with another work you have cited, and commenting on its intended

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