Food Handling Environments


Essential to your development as a food professional is experiential-learning. Along with your experiences you must also reflect on what you learned and reflect on your own thoughts about that learning (metacognition). Therefore, this assignment is to submit a written reflection (a journal entry) designed to enhance your overall learning in the course (and certificate program). This journal entry can be written casually (as compared for a more formal essay) but should still utilize proper grammar, punctuation, etc.
(1) Choose at least two of the various food handling environments (see video links; I suggest you focus on environments you have the least familiarity with). Briefly (~1 paragraph per environment), describe the your selections objectively (just facts! no opinions!).
(2) Next, analyze the environments and critically reflect on them by comparing them to each other as well as linking them with material covered in class and/or your own personal experience/knowledge. Questions you should answer in this section are: How was the observational experience different from what you expected? What were your pre-conceived assumptions towards any/all of the environments?
(3) Finally, articulate your learning. Questions you should answer in this section are: Following the observation, has your thinking/perspective about the food industry/food safety changed? Why or why not? Does this learning change your perspective, your career goals, or your interests
Chosen Videos:
Cheese production –
Cheese Making Process

Restaurant kitchen –
Line Work

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