Formal Business & Financial Review (Inditex Company)


Review and critically analyze financial and management accounting principles, relevant accounting
standards/ policies applicable, and apply the relevant knowledge to evaluate the overall business and
management performance based on the current complex, volatile, competitive and uncertain
economic/business environment by reviewing their impact on businesses.
You are required to present a Formal Business Report, that would contain a neatly designed Table of Contents
to capture the main and sub-topics in an orderly fashion which should adhere to meeting the assessment
standards and grading criterion:
Required: Choose a public listed corporation related to your current work domain or preferred area of industry.
Questions below would require candidates to research relevant financial and operational performance of the
organization by reviewing and understanding the 2018 & 2019 Annual Reports on the chosen public listed
company. The facts and figures will help the candidate to answer below questions, and validate with relevant
statistics for analysis or examples (wherever applicable).


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