Four “types” of hominins


50,000 years ago at least four “types” of hominins were alive on the planet: Homo floresiensis, Denisovans, Neanderthals and Modern Homo sapiens (modern humans). By about 25,000 years ago, modern humans (Modern Homo sapiens) were the only species of hominin left on Earth. What happened?

Discussion prompt:

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• What are physical and/or behavioral aspects modern humans (compared to the other intelligent and adaptive early hominins) that made it possible for modern humans to survive and extinction of all other hominins by about 25,000 years ago?

• Professor Mark Thomas of University College London’s Institute of Neurology seems to think that there is something fundamentally different about modern humans, and it’s not our physiology. Watch and comment on the information provided in the following video Neurology & Me | Evolution of Human Behaviour | Prof. Mark Thomas .

• Do you agree with Professor Thomas’ assessment? Why or why not?

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