Gender, Media, and Communication Analysis



Analysis/Engagement with the reading: comment on, analyze or offer a balanced critique of
the readings uploaded. Here, you must demonstrate that you have done the reading and thought about it. You
may choose to write on one article or more than one. 2) MEDIA: describe and analyze a media artifact(s) (film,
television, magazines, newspapers, internet, youtube etc) outside of class screenings. Comment on the ways
gender is portrayed and constructed in/by them. Comment on whatever you find interesting, engaging, hopeful,
etc. about gender relations in contemporary media culture.
Don’t just be a reiteration of what’s in that quote, but to think about what does that mean,
what are the implications of this. Select the quote in a targeted way. One short quote or half of a paragraph that
carries GREAT WEIGHT. To give the example (this means the media required), the cultural example, that
reflects how social construction influence gender.

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