High Performance Work Systems

Case study: Deloitte Reinventing Performance Management (as opposed to the traditional performance management)

Produce a strategic report on performance management used in Deloitte which critically analyses the following areas. The overarching theme of the report concerns High-Performance Work Systems in Deloitte. You should develop a strategic report on performance management which address’s the following areas;
1) Planning, implementing effective performance management polices to improve organisational and employee performance. Evidence the depth and extent of your knowledge and critical understanding of the topic areas to be assessed
2) Develop arguments for utilising appropriate performance management techniques. Utilising a range of academic literatures demonstrate the ability to develop critically arguments concerning performance management, with the overarching theme of high performance work systems within Deloitte.
3) Knowledge and critical evaluation of the role of communication when addressing employee achievements and underperformance. Evidence the ability to put forward reasoned, developed arguments in a logical and coherent manner justifying your arguments with a robust literature based defence.
4) Critical evaluation of the effectiveness of performance management in Deloitte. You should clearly evidence arguments for and against performance management.

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