HIMA350 Assignment 2 CAHIIM Competencies Assessed Subdomain V.A. Regulatory

HIMA350 Assignment 2:

CAHIIM Competencies Assessed:

Subdomain V.A. Regulatory

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1. Appraise current laws and standards related to health information initiatives (Blooms 5)

2. Determine processes for compliance with current laws and standards related to health information initiatives and revenue cycle (Blooms 5)

Instructions:  Download the Joint Commission standards manual provided.  Focus on the Information Management (IM) standards.  Choose 5 of the IM standards and discuss how you would ensure compliance with these 5 standards.  Include steps for a process for each standard that would help to ensure compliance.

Things to think about:

· Who would be involved in the process?

· What types of resources are needed to comply with the standard?

· How does the standard specifically relate to HIM and how should the HIM Department be involved in the process?

Requirement:  Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length. APA formatting.