How do we flatten the curve.

Persuasive Essay: Flattening the Curve
Over the past week, we have read a series of texts that address the COVID-19 pandemic in a much more mindful way than we have probably seen discussed in the national media. I say mindful, because for me these texts avoid the sensationalism that is inherent in our news media, and discuss the pandemic in a much more humanist light. At this point, we have to accept that perhaps the way the world’s governments handled this unexpected catastrophe was probably not in the best interests of their respective populations, but the past cannot be undone. Reality as we know it may be altered for the foreseeable future, so I think these texts are an attempt to prepare us for the changes that are to come. However, we are still at a dangerous juncture in the pandemic. For this persuasive essay, you will answer the question: How can we flatten the COVID-19 curve?
Word count requirement: 1,250 words
MLA Format (view tutorial video on how to set up your document in MLA format)
DUE: August 16 @ NOON!
When you answer this question, think about the curve in terms of infection rates and not death count. At this point, even though the death rates are falling, the overall infection rates in certain hot zones are on the rise or holding steady. How do we stop this? Don’t be afraid to be inventive here. Yes, you can discuss the established ways of infection prevention, including the wearing of masks and social distancing measures. But you can also think of methods of prevention that are not in common use. Think about all of the firsthand knowledge you have of viruses, sickness, and basic science. You don’t have to be a medical student to problem-solve the spread of a novel virus.
The first thing you should do is to read the Purdue OWL Web page on persuasive essays. OWL refers to the persuasive essay as the argumentative essay. For the sake of this assignment, think of the two as synonymous terms, so when the page is referring to the argumentative essay, you should be thinking PERSUASIVE ESSAY! The page is posted in MODULE FIVE, but you can use the hyperlink below:
Remember, the first thing you’ll need to do is come up with a compelling thesis statement. Here are two examples:
To flatten the curve, we need to encourage mass testing, enforce face mask penalties, and identify common factors of the population that is infected.
In order to prevent further infections, the population needs to reduce its stress levels, be vigilant in its hygiene practices, and, most importantly, reopen the economy.
In each of these examples, we have three ways in which the author is suggesting to flatten the curve. The paper would then be spent presenting research to support these three claims. As the Purdue OWL Web page shows, a common practice for these type of assignments is to use a five-paragraph format. I strongly encourage this. In this format, you have five paragraphs: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In each of the three body paragraphs, you would discuss and present supporting quotes/material for each claim. If we use the first example, the author would have a body paragraph for each of the following points: mass testing, face mask enforcement, and common factors among infected individuals.
Remember, you will need to use a works cited page for this assignment. A guide for creating your works cited page is included in MODULE FIVE, and will be discussed at our Wednesday night optional meeting.



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