How do we manage?

The assignment is:
READ the short case and answer both discussion questions presented here.
How do we manage?
A growing, profitable internal medicine practice of 10 Physicians, 2 Physicians assistants, a physical therapist and a massage therapist is located in a city of 150,000 people. The clinical personnel are mostly from the majority group in the area and consider themselves open minded, altruistic and culturally aware. The administrative support staff, is representative of the makeup of the patient population; mostly minority groups in the community. The patient population is growing and becoming more diverse from those newly arrived in the city. The practice is currently facing several challenges.
1. The practice needs to hire a new administrative assistant to work with the front desk staff. The practice wishes to hire someone from the local minority community rather than an equally qualified individual from another state. How should the practice manager proceed? Justify the rational for this recommendation.
2. The practice manager wants to complete a strategic plan as a guiding framework for the organization for the next five years. From whom should she get input to shape this plan? Should cultural competency initiatives be included in this plan?