How impactful is stress?


People often report feeling high levels of stress at certain points in their lives. In this discussion, you will think
about how to design an experiment that can make a causal claim regarding stress in students. How you decide
to do this and what measures you use are completely up to you, though it must be an experiment not a
correlational study. Make sure you address the four validities in your experiment and consider how this
experiment could be done while social distancing. This experiment is hypothetical and you are NOT conducting
it at this time.
What you need to do
Your task is to devise an experiment that looks at stress in students. However you choose to do this is up to
you but it must be able to make a causal claim (meaning you have at least two groups/conditions). Your
discussion should use the following headings:
Generate a hypothesis for this study. Identify the IV and DV in this experiment.
Give a thorough description of how your experiment will be conducted. Include all of the relevant components
of your chosen design (i.e. independent group design or a within group design). Use chapter 10 as your guide.
How will you access your participants? How will you ensure random assignment? Do you think your study is
able to be generalized to a larger population? Why or why not?
4 Validates
How have the 4 validates been addressed in your study. Are you more or less concerned about one or the


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