How might you promote health with Moira and her sister? What do you regard as important and why?Explain

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Moira Brown is 67 years old white Irish woman who lives in her own home on Apple Lane with her sister Athena Jones age 63. She is a retired Nursing Assistant who moved to London in 1970. Moira has a long standing problem with alcohol. She also has a tendency to hoard and she is known to adult social care and mental health services. Moira has a long standing diagnosis of bi-polar affective disorder which is well managed insomuch as she has not required inpatient care for over ten years. Athena came to live with her sister two years ago as support for her mental health issues. Moira takes olanzapine medication and at times needs to be prompted due to forgetfulness. Moira’s drinking recently increased and Athena is now finding it challenging living with her sister.

Moira is a smoker and has developed a persistent cough over the last couple of months. She has also complained of dizziness , especially in the morning or when getting up from a chair. This has resulted in her stopping going out as she is fearful of falling over. A further consequence is that she is increasingly reliant on fast food delivered to her door. Athena says that Moira will not eat the food she cooks and has said that its poison and that Athena wants her dead so she can take the house. Athena believes this to be said in jest but over the last few weeks believes her sister to be increasingly confused and distressed. She has found Moira fretting about a lost cat but she hasn’t had a cat for several years.

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At times Moira can be her old self without any confusion so Athena puts the temporary confusion down to ‘senior moments’.

Moira has a number of friends in the local community who used to visit weekly but less so since she increased drinking. She is also a regular member of her local church although since her dizzy spells she has not been attending in person. She has attended church services via Zoom on her lap top computer and is a competent computer user.

How might you promote health with Moira and her sister?” What do you regard as important and why?

Choose 1 physical and 1 mental health related problem (see below) demonstrating a safe assessment of these problems in more detail.

Draw on appropriate models and frameworks e.g Roper Logan Tierney Model, Tidal model, and demonstrate a knowledge of which assessment tools might be relevant.

Physical issues
Persistent Cough
Poor diet / self-care

Mental Health Issues
Social Isolation
Alcohol use.

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