How would you evaluate to see if the treatment was effective?

Internal Code: MAS4081 Nursing Assignment: Mrs Smith has been admitted to your ward after being brought to the hospital by ambulance. She lives alone and was found on the floor by her neighbours. She states that she got up during the night to go to the toilet, as she is on fluid tablets and felt light-headed and dizzy, causing her to trip on the bedside table and fall. Her admission data shows a history of Cardiac Failure, Hypertension and Osteoarthritis. She has also been diagnosed with a fracture to her femur from the fall that will require surgical repair. The oral medications that she was on prior to her admission are as follows; Lanoxin PG; 62.5mcg, one tablet, mane Frusemide; 40mg, one tablet daily Span K; 600mg, 2 tablets; TDS, p.c. Atenolol; 25mg, daily Celebrex; 100mg, BD Questions: 1) What are the modes of action and the potential adverse reactions of each of these medications? Would any of these medications cause Mrs Smith to feel dizzy and light-headed, a detailed explanation is required? 2) When administering these medications to Mrs Smith, what safety precautions would the nurse follow before administering the medications? What are the legal requirements for a medication order? 3) Mrs Smith has been taking her frusemide tablet in the evening. What advice would the nurse give her about the administration frusemide? 4) The doctor’s order for this Intravenous therapy is 1 litre of 4% Dextrose/ 1/5 Sodium Chloride to run over 8 hours. Calculate the volume in millilitres; required to be given per hour and drops per minute using a 20 drop/millilitre drop factor administration set and calculate the drops per minute required if you do not have an infusion pump to administer the therapy. 5) What observations will assist the nurse to assess her pain level? How would you evaluate to see if the treatment was effective? 6) What other alternative interventions might the nurse implement or suggest to Mrs Smith to help reduce her pain. 24 total views, 2 views today