How would you try to bring it to the attention of major news outlets. What storytelling techniques would you use.

Inclusive Media : Journalism
The assignment (progress journal) Your entries should be between 500-750 words in length and you should also include photographic or video documentation, reference to the assigned & recommended readings and links to any timely news articles or case studies relevant to the Digital Media Strategies content ( Inclusive Media? Journalism). Entry should demonstrate that you can identify, understand and apply key ideas, debates and events that relate to disruption and innovation and identify or envisage Digital Media Strategies that arise in response to such changes in the media. please, find in the attached: 1- Guidance Notes Progress Journal about Inclusive Media? Journalism. Entries rely on: Readings, attached activity task, and research 2- Required Readings: Beckett J. Reading and Writing the News in the Fifth Estate. In: John Potts, ed. The Future of Writing. Palgrave Macmillan, London; 2014:115-126 Ernest J. Wilson III and Sasha Costanza-Chock, ‘New Voices on the Net? The Digital Journalism Divide and the Costs of Network Exclusion’, Race after the Internet, New York?: Routledge; 2012. Usha Sundar Harris, ‘Particiaptory Media: Pedagogy and Practice’, Participatory Media in Environmental Communication?: Engaging Communities in the Periphery (Routledge; 2019):59-90. and 2 or 3 more sources. 3- Preparation week 4 (READ IT CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND IT) 4-Assessment criteria overall. Ideas for this assignment (progress journal) You could analyse the media strategy of a news outlet and how it utilises citizen journalism. You can analyse and critique the impact citizen journalism has had in your own country and the strategies authorities have turned to control the situation. You could draw up a strategy on how to cover a particular social issue or story you feel passionate about(here please to discuss and analyse the differences between the Fox News and CNN agenda and how their agenda impact on ways of dealing with the Khashoggi murder case and which strategies they have used to). How would you try to bring it to the attention of major news outlets. What storytelling techniques would you use. You could analyse and critique the measures taken to respond to Fake News.