https// (Links to an external site.) Read this linked story from the June 16th issue of The Los Angeles Times. Please build your essay which should be 5 paragraphs minimum using the following prompts.
1. Scroll through this list of states where activities surrounding monumental, figurative sculpture have recently taken place. Select three states and briefly describe (1-3 sentences what has taken place). Tell us what is “gained” and what is “lost” during the process of removing and/or destroying any one of these sculptures. Please reference an individual work of art under discussion (by city/state and name of the memorialized figure) and be specific – based on what you have read and what you know about the history it represents.
2. Is there is a future in the creation of figurative memorial sculpture? Based on what has recently read and learned, what is the ideal location for figurative memorial sculpture?
3. What are the parameters that will determine whether any new figurative memorial sculpture will be acceptable and be in the best interest of the general public?