You are expected to first present information about the content and context and second to critically engage one aspect of the ‘race’ and racialization dynamics based on your experience of reading the course material and watching the videos.
The first part of the assignment is more general, and it will function as an introduction to your paper. This is where you provide the context of the week and briefly summarize the main arguments. The second part is more specific. You need to put the focus on a more particular issue in that week so that you can provide a deeper level of analysis. You can pick up a central theme or concept from the articles, a discussion from the lectures or an aspect you observed in the video so that you can reflect on it with the help of the knowledge you gathered thus far in SOCY 235. The assignments should not simply summarize the videos, or readings, or regurgitate the ideas that have been discussed in the readings and lectures
Course material must constitute the basis of your reflection and you are not expected to utilise outside resources. If you wish you can incorporate material from other weeks of the course or external academic resources, but you will not lose points if you cite only the course material for
the week you choose. You may also refer to websites, but I encourage you to rely only on standard academic references such as refereed journal articles, policy documentation, and archival information. Be aware of expressing others’ ideas. A quote and/or an idea must be properly noted with quotation marks or indentation, and reference to the author, date, and page number.