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Write an essay using one of the 32 topics below. This assignment is to be at least 2000 words in length, no more than 2500 words, then upload as a PDF DOCUMENT ONLY, and will be turned in using their blackboard access. Your assignment will be scanned for plagiarism. This assignment is worth up to 100 pts toward your final grade.

Here are the topics to choose from.

*In ancient Egypt, what happens to a Pharaoh, a rich person, a poor person, and a slave, when they die?

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*What weapons were used in (pick one):

(Please incorporate pictures)

    -Ancient China

    -Ancient Egypt

    -Ancient Rome


    -The Aztecs

*Write an overview of (pick one):





    -The Socratic Method

      Write about the life of its founder, the life changing event(s) that spawned the beginning of their faith, and what their life is like, as well as what happens after death.

*Pick One of these Renaissance artists, write a summary of their life, and then write about four of their works of art.

    -Leonardo di Venice


    -Leon Battista Alberti


    -Sandro Botticelli 




*Write about the Architecture, daily life, and leaders of the ancient civilization of Babylonia.

*Write about the life of Beethovan, and make sure to include these topics:

    -his relationship with his father.

    -who was Beethovan’s Immortal Beloved?

    -how and when did he become deaf?

*Write about the life of Qin Shi Huang.

*Compare different structures of society, including, Monarchy, Constitutional Monarchy, Egalitarian, Democracy, Representative Democracy, Socialism, Facism, and Dictatorship.

*Compare the use, the building techniques and challenges, and the architectural innovations of these four structures:

    -The Great Pyramid of Egypt

    -The Ziggurat of Ur

    -The Palace of Knossos

    -Aztec Temple-Pyramids

*Write a summary of these three literary works, and why they are significant.

    -The Odyssey 

    -The Epic of Gilgamesh

    -The Canterbury Tales 

*Pick three chapters from The Decameron and summarize them.

*Pick three chapters from the Canterbury Tales and Summarize them.

*Write about the source of The Black Death, as well as the symptoms, the percentage of people killed, and the effect it had on Europe.

*Compare Romanesque vs. Gothic architecture, including stainless glass windows, walls, layout, vaulted ceilings, arches, window placement, and use of light.

*Discuss the different types of Gothic Art in the Middle Ages, including fresco, panel painting, illuminated manuscripts, and stain glass windows.

*Write the history and evolution of both the violin and piano.

*Write about five musical instruments in the ancient world.