The Scriptures tell us of a struggle between two kingdoms. Each of them the kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God are competing for citizens. The outcome of this struggle is secure: the heavenly kingdom will prevail (Shelly & Miller 2006 p. 153). There are four parts of the Christian Biblical Narrative; Creation Fall Redemption and Restoration. Creation speaks of how the universe and everything in it was created by God and was considered to be good and as it should be. The Fall introduces sin which was created by humans or Adam and Eve by the event of disobeying Gods will thus introducing sickness and disease as well as suffering and death. Cancer brain tumors and AIDS should be brought under the worldview of the fall and in doing so the church can humbly affirm that they are not part of Gods good creation they are not the way things are meant to be (Jonswales 2008). Redemption is our way of trying to receive forgiveness from God for our sins and heal our illness. This move against suffering may take the form of social or political action against injustice but may legitimately find part of its expression in a healing ministry(Jonswales 2008). Restoration speaks of returning to the idea of creation where everything was as it should be and there was no sin (PHI-413V Lecture 3 2015). This part of the Christian Narrative has not yet come to fruition.
The Fall describes and provides an understanding for believers that sickness and disease was a result of the human sin. Comfort in the light of illness or disease can be found in Redemption. Redemption is restoring a good relationship with God and that our sins may be forgiven thus providing hope in the face of illness. This hope can be of cure ease of suffering or even the belief of life after death. Many of my cancer patients that have not previously been considered religious will find their relationship with God during their illness. Many are scared and see no hope; the thought of God watching over them and the promise of heaven eases their suffering. A visit from a chaplain while in the hospital is always a worthwhile event as a nurse cannot always provide everything a patient may need spiritually. With redemption there is truth of the original creation. Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
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