I need help with a Business Law question. All explanations and answers will be u

I need help with a Business Law question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.the answer has to be between 100-150 words. You have to answer like you are talking to someone and give your own opinion. You also have to agree or disagree on some points.Here is the discussion post:One of the ethical and legal issues associated with reopening schools is the risk to students and teacher’s health. With the ongoing COVID-19, the safety of both students and teachers is of the utmost importance. By forcing the reopening of schools, people, students, teachers, and parents feel like the health of many are not being considered. Teachers are worried about contracting the virus; even worse, they are scared of passing the virus on to a student and vice versa. People do not want to feel like they were responsible for the deterioration of somebody’s health if they can prevent it. For this, teachers are threatening to strike. In order to reopen schools, It is essential to reorganize a safe and humane environment for teachers and students (Halbert & Ingulli, 2017). By creating a safe environment for both parties, the risk of contracting the virus is reduced. The risk of contracting the virus can be reduced by promoting behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19, actions such as but not limited to the washing of hands, mask, and sanitizing (CDC, 2021).Another issue associated with COVID-19 and schools is the movement of class to online or having a mix of hybrid classes. The problem with moving classes online is the lack of social interaction between students. Many students feel that studying is not only an academic but a social practice (Best Colleges, n.d.). The lack of social interaction for some students makes them feel alienated, causing the absence of self-motivation within an individual, which prevents them from doing what they need to do (Best Colleges, n.d.). It is one of the biggest obstacles for a lot of students to study online and take courses that do not have enough contact with professors. The benefit of face to face with teachers means that students are able to interact better with teachers, which sparks innovative questions compared to online learning, which dampens learning because students are limited to questions (Paul & Jefferson, 2019)In addition to having online classes, some parents believe that a full school day would not be feasible for either students or teachers (Goldstein & Shapiro, 2020). Parents also believe that kids will not be engaged. The Sacramento City Unified School District proposed that online classes be recorded to make it convenient. However, the Union has since objected, arguing that the recording of lessons could violate privacy for families, educators, and students because their likeness can be posted and viewed without a person’s permission (Goldstein & Shapiro, 2020). Requirements: 100-150 words   |   .doc file

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