Identification of vulnerable population Who have you chosen as your target vulnerable population?

Identify a vulnerable population. Develop a 6-8 page APA formatted paper that includes a title page, abstract page, body of the paper (3-5 pages), and reference page.
Address the following in your paper:

Identification of vulnerable population: Who have you chosen as your target vulnerable population?

Why are they considered vulnerable? Uses statistics to describe the population you choose.

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Compare the date from local, state, and national sources related to your chosen vulnerable population.

What are the health disparities for this population?

What does the community say about the vulnerable population? If possible, speak to both healthcare and non-healthcare individuals in the community to gather their thoughts. What does the vulnerable population say? If possible speak to individuals within the vulnerable population as to their thoughts and views. **Note: this must be done in a sensitive and considerate manner.

Additionally if you identified a protected group (such as children or mentally ill) you will not be able to speak to them.

What are the characteristics of the community where the vulnerable population lives?

What resources are available: housing, transportation, food, resources, ect? What is the economic situation of that community?

Are there geographical challenges?

What are job opportunities for this population if relevant?

What social interaction avenues are available?

How does the health care system impact this population in their community? How does the vulnerable population impact the health care system?

Are there any political concerns that need to be addressed related to this population and their impact on the community or the community’s impact on them?

What ethical concerns need to be addressed?

Does Healthy People 2020 address this population?

If so, how are the Healthy People 2020 objectives being addressed in their community?

If Healthy People 2020 does not address this population, what objectives need to be addressed in the community?

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