Identify and describe two (2) kinds of interrelationships and business agreements the events industry would enter into.

Table 1 Assessment instructions

Assessment details Instructions
Assessment overview The objective of this written assessment is to assess your skills and knowledge required to establish and manage positive business relationships, to use high-level communication and relationship building skills to conduct formal negotiations and to make commercially significant business-to-business agreements.
What do I need to do? All eighteen (18) questions must be answered correctly.
Bibliography Include a bibliography, with links to all researched information using Harvard style of referencing. You are to provide a list of reference of the sources of information and ideas you have used to research your assessment. Referencing is used to avoid plagiarism.  Please use the Harvard Style of referencing guide to assist you.
The bibliography should appear at the end of your assessment on a separate page.

Part 1: Short answer questions

Read the question carefully. Where specific examples are required, your answers should relate to the Events Management Industry.

Identify and describe three (3) different sectors that make up the events industry. One (1) paragraph each sector.

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  1. Identify and describe two (2) kinds of interrelationships and business agreements the events industry would enter into. Two (2) paragraphs.
  2. Explain how you would go about sourcing the right type of suppliers to service your business needs in an event industry context. One (1) paragraph.
  3. Give two (2) examples of how you can use distribution and marketing networks to build business relationships. Two (2) paragraphs.
  4. Describe two (2) professional networks you can utilise to form business relationships and the types of services they offer on a professional basis. Two (2) paragraphs.
  5. Research and select an Industry Association in Australia for the event industry.
  6. Describe the types of membership they offer.
  7. Justify why joining the Association would be beneficial to enhance your relationship with potential partners and suppliers.
  8. Include a link to their website.
  9. Describe two (2) benefits of a cooperative promotion with a new business partner. Two (2) paragraphs.
    Provide one (1) example of a cooperative promotion in the events industry.
    One (1) paragraph.
  10. Your manager has asked you to plan for some upcoming opportunities to nurture and maintain business relationships.
  • How would you use the following activities as opportunities to maintain contact and build relationships with customers and supplier? List at least four (4) steps you would take to build relationships in each section.

Table 2 Question 2 Customers and suppliers

Activities Four (4) steps to build relationships
Industry functions  


Informal social occasions  


Regular telephone contact  


Promote your services on social media  



  1. Identify four (4) principles you could use in a business negotiation. Describe each principle and how you would apply it in your negotiation.  Four (4) paragraphs.
  2. Name and describe the four (4) stages of the negotiation process. Describe how you would prepare for each of the four (4) stages in a business negotiation.  Eight (8) paragraphs.
  3. Name and describe three (3) negotiation techniques. Explain how you would use these techniques in a business negotiation.  Six (6) paragraphs.
  4. Describe the key roles and purpose of a contract?
  5. Explain the difference between an agreement and a contract. Describe an example of an appropriate situation for the use of each. Three (3) paragraphs.
  6. In the Event Industry, Seven (7) paragraphs:
  7. Identify three (3) types of contracts that are commonly negotiated
  8. Explain the scope of services for one (1) type of contract
  9. Identify and describe three (3) inclusions you would expect in a contract.
  1. The table below lists key components of contract law.
  2. Write a description of each of the components listed.
  3. Provide an example of how each component could apply with the type of contract you have specified in Q14.

Table 3 Question 9 Contract components

Component Description Example
Terms and obligations  



Methods of contractual agreement  



Exclusion clauses  



Dispute resolution clause  



Termination of contracts  





  1. Describe the following laws that may affect negotiations and agreements. Provide an event industry example when a contract would be in breach of each law.  You may continue to use the type of contract specified in Q14 as your example. Six (6) paragraphs.
  • The Competition and Consumer Act (2010)
  • The Anti-Discrimination Act 1991
  • The Privacy Act 1988


Read the following scenario and accompanying information to answer questions 17 and 18.

A Wedding Planner is about to sign a contract with a well-established Boutique Hotel on behalf of a client (the bride). The present month is October.

The bride has requested a waterfront location, an experienced team and a February wedding.  The Wedding Planner had shown her The Boutique Hotel, which met most of her needs, except it was fully booked for February.  The bride and groom had decided they could extend their date to March when there was availability.

The Wedding Planner has set-up a meeting with The Boutique Hotel to sign the venue contract on behalf of the bride and groom.

Table 4 The Boutique Hotel Description

The Boutique Hotel

The Boutique Hotel is a stunning award-winning wedding venue situated on the waterfront with beautiful ocean views.    Our experienced staff have over 30 years of wedding experience and specialise in creating uniquely styled weddings to make every Brides dream come true.  The Boutique Hotel offers a range of seasonal menus, an exceptional wine list and first-class service.  We design exquisite dream weddings.


The day before the meeting, the Wedding Planner receives a phone call from the bride asking her to investigate a new venue (Diamond Cottages) that she has found with a February date.  The bride emails her the flyer details from the venue.

Table 5 Diamond Cottages Description

Diamond Cottages

Diamond Cottages is offering exclusive use of our newly constructed space on our picturesque property. Our reception centre features an open floor plan, high ceilings and plenty of beautiful natural light. You’ll have a team dedicated to creating your unique wedding reception menu and ensure it is a flawless celebration to remember.

Our opening ‘sparkle’ package will include staff exclusively dedicated to your event, valet parking and all furniture inclusive of chair covers and linen tablecloths.  We are now taking bookings through January and February next year.


The Wedding Planner has obtained the terms and conditions of the booking from each venue.

The Boutique Hotel

Standard terms and conditions, including:

  • Non-exclusive use of the venue and grounds
  • Loss of 25% deposit if the event is cancelled within three-months
  • Following services at an additional fee:
    • Ceremony styling
    • Linen and chair covers
    • Valet parking

Diamond Cottages

‘Sparkle’ package terms and conditions, including:

  • Exclusive use of the reception venue but there may be more than one wedding ceremony held on the grounds
  • Own private bar area for guests while photos are being taken of the wedding party
  • Following services included:
    • Ceremony styling including seated chairs for guests
    • All linen and chair covers included
    • Valet parking

The Wedding Planner has a long history with The Boutique Hotel and brings many brides to the establishment.  She has set-up a meeting to discuss the inclusions and see if she can secure a better deal for the bride and groom at The Boutique Hotel.

You are the Manager of The Boutique Hotel.  In preparation for your meeting with the Wedding Planner, you have researched and found the following details:

  • You have steady bookings until March but year on year, bookings are down
  • There have recently been a few cancelled bookings for the next year
  • There have been a few social media comments that the venue is looking ‘dated’
  • You have offered no promotions since winter
  • Present finances are not lucrative for offering significant discounts
  1. Identify and describe four (4) proposals you could present to entice the Wedding Planner to go ahead with her booking at The Boutique Hotel.  Four (4) paragraphs.

The information below is additional details for question 18:

In further preparation for the meeting with the Wedding Planner, you have decided to conduct a cost analysis on the linen, chair covers and valet parking to ascertain where you can further add value to secure the wedding booking.   You have the following information from the tentative wedding booking.

Wedding details:

Guests arrive: from 3pm

Ceremony: 4pm

Reception (round tables x 10, alternate drop): 6:30pm

Guests depart: 11:30pm

Guests: 100

The Finance Manager has provided you with the following details on the linen, chair covers and valet parking.

Table 6 Question 18

 Details Valet Parking Linen Hire Chair Covers
Cost $35 per hour per valet $26 per round $9 per chair
Minimum Six (6) hours each valet 10 table rounds (seats 10) nil
Other details Each valet can park an average of eight (8) cars in a 30-minute window

Usual uptake is 30% of guests

Estimate each valet will be required for 9 hours

Delivered laundered

$7 delivery fee

Delivered laundered

Delivery fee included


  1. Calculate and outline the cost of each product/service based on the wedding requirements. Specify what product/service is the most cost effective.







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