Importance of place in the art of the Paleolithic and Neolithic.

past and present factor into these locations? You can also include other locations such as Jericho in your
Jeff’s Comments
This is your first discussion prompt based on the course material covering the Prehistoric periods. As with all of
the discussions, pay close attention to what is being asked in the prompt. So, in this case, do not just choose
any object or site that interests you. Instead, choose specific examples that address the central theme of the
importance of location. Making good choices – and knowing them fully – goes a long way to producing
substantive and quality answers.
For the two listed in the prompt, what does the nature of Paleolithic versus Neolithic culture tell us about the
two sites? First, you have to know what that nature is for each. Then, you need to know about each site with
some depth of understanding. Lastly, put those two things together in your essay. Remember always, you must
discuss specific works and show that you know them, but use them as evidence to draw out the larger ideas for
their cultures.
Lascaux and Stonehenge are natural choices for this prompt, but you may choose any thing you want to
explore, as long as they fit the theme given to you.
Finally, remember that these discussions are an effective process for learning the material when you are ready
to take the weekly quizzes. The quizzes carry the greatest weight in determining your course grade, so give
them the focus they require.
A few specific points for these posts:
1. Include an image for your post, especially if it is not as prominent of a work or if you are using a piece that is
not in the module itself. Identify it fully (name, date, location, medium, size, etc.). Reduce its appearance to a
manageable viewing size, please.
2. Place your text directly into the discussion area. If you just attach a document, the tendency is for the reader
to not open it and move on to another post that is immediately visible.
3. These should show your understanding and full development of your ideas. Do not use simple lists, bullet
points, incomplete sentences, etc. Show the depth of your thinking through the quality of your writing.
4. For responses to others, bring the same approach to the visual analysis and the depth of your thinking. Like
your main post, responses have to have some evidence supporting your ideas. (“Smith’s article in the module
suggests that the pyramids were used as ….”)
5. If you really want to impress us, pull in ideas and information that you learned from exploring beyond what is
only located in the module materials. In the syllabus, I gave you some links for a few very useful sites covering
our areas this term. Use them.


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