In Unit 6, students will explore Existential and Gestalt Theories.

In Unit 6, students will explore Existential and Gestalt Theories. Using the Corey (2013) videos provided in the TCS Library (and linked in the Required Readings and Media), students will have the opportunity to view these theoretical approaches with the client Stan. Students will compare and contrast the techniques, effectiveness, and cultural application of these theories with Stan and present this analysis in a written assignment.
Review the Case of Stan videos (Corey, 2013) that are available in the TCS Library from the Person-Centered, Existential, and Gestalt theoretical frameworks. Compare and contrast the three theoretical frameworks used by Corey with Stan by responding to the following four questions for each theoretical framework. What did you find most interesting in each of the counseling sessions with Stan? If you were counseling Stan from this particular theoretical framework, what is one additional technique you might use? What would you hope to accomplish with this intervention? If you were the client, how would you be likely to respond to the therapist’s comments and interventions in this particular session? What modification (s) would be necessary for this theoretical framework to be culturally appropriate for diverse populations?
Which theory worked best with Stan and why? Be sure that you properly cite the video (using time stamps) and tie your observations on the videos back to the course readings, displaying your ability to critically analyze the material, supporting your points with scholarly sources. Locate and utilize at least two scholarly sources beyond those that were assigned. Textbook Neukrug, E. (2018). Counseling: Theory and practice (2nd Edition). Cognella. Chapter 5: Existential Therapy, pp. 158-195 and Chapter 6: Gestalt Therapy, pp. 199-236 Other Required Readings Novack, J., Park, S.J. and Friedman, A.N. (2013), Integrated masculinity: Using Gestalt counseling with male clients. Preview the documentJournal of Counseling & Development, 91: 483–489. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Theoretical Overview Chart Media Corey, G. (2013). Theory in practice: The case of Stan (Links to an external site.) .
Running time: 1:57:19 hrs Gestalt Theory session: Time stamp: 1:24:39-1:40:50 Mins (Running time: 16:11 mins) Existential Theory session: Time stamp: 53:40 Min– 1:10:30 Mins (Running time: 17:50 mins) Websites Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (Links to an external site.) This is the website for a community of Gestalt-oriented professionals, offering readings, information on professional events, conferences, publications, and more. Existential – Humanistic Institute (Links to an external site.) On this website, you will find trainings, information on certificate programs, publications and more on existential-humanistic therapy. Utilize the Theoretical Comparison #1 TemplatePreview the document to assist you in completing this assignment.

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