Information concerning dependence

Kloke and McKean (2014) present a data set concerning crime and alcoholism. The data they discuss is in Table 4.7.1. It contains the frequencies of criminals who committed certain crimes and whether or not they are alcoholics. The data are also in the file crimealk.rda.

(a) Using code similar to that given in Exercise 4.7.6, compute the χ2-test for independence between type of crime and alcoholic status. Conclude in terms of the problem, using the p-value.

(b) Use the Pearson residuals to determine which part of the table contains the strongest information concerning dependence.

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(c) Use a χ2-test to confirm your suspicions in Part (b). This is a conditional test based on the data, but, in practice, such tests are used for planning future studies.

Table 4.7.1