Introduction (75 words or less) The introduction should include the following points: • Context: Start by introducing the health issue/topic in a general statement about this health issue/topic. • Content: Introduce the intervention with a very brief overview of what the intervention is, for what population group(s) and to achieve what change/outcome(s). Make sure you reference the intervention. • Purpose: State what the assignment is about. • Map: Outline the structure of the critical analysis assignment. Description of Intervention (125 words or less) Provide a clear and concise description of the intervention that informs: • the context of the intervention (relating to the study; i.e. where the study was conducted? when it was conducted? And who conducted it), • participants/population group(s) and their characteristics (if the information was reported in the article), • the activities/strategies used in the intervention, and • results of the intervention (impact of the intervention on the health issue or health outcome(s)