Investigative Branding Exercise



Conduct a comparative analysis of three products within one category (you must select two manufacturer brands and one private-label brand). Complete each task in the order presented below. This is an individual assignment. In under 1000 words, prepare a written discussion on the tasks listed below. Number each task clearly and follow the instructions exactly. Within your discussion, incorporate concepts from class wherever possible, and place them in BOLD. Marks are awarded by task, see below for a breakdown of marks.

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Submit word document or PDF to Assignment #4 dropbox in D2L by March 19th at 11:59pm. Title page (name, student number, date, assignment #4) and list of at least 3 references required. Word limit: 1000 words. 12-point font. Do not submit a “Pages” file, as this is not compatible with D2L. Provide images of the three products in an Appendix.

Evaluation: Grading will be based on accuracy, effort and links to theory. Late assignments will receive a zero. Failure to follow instructions will result in grade deductions. Total: 36 marks

Task 1: Select a retailer (general merchandise, home improvement, electronics etc.), visit the retailer’s online store and select a category. Wander the virtual aisles and observe the variety of categories and products within each category. Select one category to be the focus of your investigation (e.g. laptops are a category, however Dell is a national brand of computers). Provide a brief description of the retailer, and the category that you selected. (3 marks)

Task 2: Comparative analysis of products. Focusing on the category that you’ve chosen, identify two manufacturer brands and one private label brand within the category. Provide a brief description of each product including what the product is, the brand, and its retail price. If there are any promotions happening related to any of your selected products, please also describe them. Include photos in an appendix. (9 marks)

Task 3: Describe the target market for each of the three brands. Include at least 5 points for each brand regarding demographics, psychosocial and shopping behaviour. This information should come from personal observations and research on the retailer. Format this question in a table format. (15 marks)

Task 4: Conduct a cost/benefits analysis. Which item provides the greatest “value” (Benefits-Costs) to consumers? To answer this question, perform a breakdown of the benefits-costs of all aspects of the product. Provide a descriptive, comparative analysis of the three products. Look at online reviews, ingredients, pricing, etc. Look at all factors to identify which product provides the greatest value. Also, identify the type of private-label branding (premium, parallel, exclusive, generic), and provide a concluding statement regarding your analysis. (9 marks)



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