Involvement in Policy and Politics

Involvement in Policy and Politics. 1-Introduce yourself and what state you live in. FLORIDA IS THE STATE 2-Select two (or more) presidential candidates and discuss their positions on nursing and health care issues. 3-Select one legislator from your state who has supported healthcare legislation at the federal, state, or local level. Name the legislator, the healthcare legislation/bill they sponsored, and the committee that reviewed the healthcare legislation/bill (such as the Special Standing Committee on Professional Registration and Licensing, outdated scope of practice legislation). 4-Identify three key speaking points to start a conversation with your legislator or representative on a healthcare issue of your choosing, identify: A- Background on the topic using statistics B Relevance of this healthcare issue to the legislators constituents in his/her district C-The role the APRN or nurse leader and this healthcare issue D-Identify needed policy changes to improve outcomes 5-Identify whether your state has a Regional Action Coalition (RAC) to implement the recommendations of The Future of Nursing and discuss one area of focus of RAC, such as education or diversity. If there is no RAC in your state, discuss who or how The Future of Nursing recommendations should be or are being implemented. 6-Present concluding remarks, such as how you as a member of a professional nursing organization plan to leverage your knowledge and skills in policy decision making arena, advocate for your patient population, and so on

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