IPC144 Software Development

Introduction and Format:

1. This Assignment is a group project that allows exploration and research of a topic “beyond the classroom”.  The purpose of the Assignment is to provide practical experience preparing and presenting a professional presentation.  Many of you will be asked to make such a presentation when you enter the job market; this exercise will help prepare you for that event.

2. This is a group report.  You will work in groups of 3 students.  Two students will prepare a 6 page maximum written report and one student will create a web page of the report on My Seneca. All group members will receive the same mark, unless a problem Report was filed with the Instructor. 

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3. Deliverable #1 will be submitted to the instructor to indicate group member roles and responsibilities as soon as possible.

Written Report

1. Two students will work together to prepare a 6-page maximum report explaining the workings of any Internet protocol

2. The students should research the RFC of the protocol and any the Internet to explain the following:

· Message Type

· Message Sequence

· Message Syntax

· Type of Connection

3. Diagrams or videos may be used to explain the workings of the protocol.  

4. Any diagrams or references taken from the Internet must be properly referenced using APA format.  A bibliography is expected and marks will be deducted for improper format, spelling or grammar.

Web Page

1. When the report is finished the web master for the group will recreate the written report content on the web site using the My Seneca Portfolio tool under ToolsMy Portfolio. (no HTML programming experience is required)

2. Use the header, footer, artifact and banner tools to make your presentation look professional. You can display the content on 1 page or multiple pages, you can embed the content into the web page or link to it, the choice is yours. The goal is a clear and easy to understand web presentation.

3. Deliverable #2 is used to have all group members’, “sign off” on the Assignment, just like a real-world project.  It must be posted as an image file and displayed at the end of on the web site after the bibliography.

4. When your web site is finished, you must click on the more link and select Share with Instructor.  This sends a “snapshot” of your web site to the teacher for marking.  If you make changes to the web site, after clicking Share, the changes will not show up on the teacher’s copy.  You must click the Share link after making any changes, to send the latest copy of your web site for grading